Surrogate house


Our surrogate house is located in a quiet, calm and tranquil environment. The house does not have more than 7 rooms in order for the family to keep friendly relationships and live in a cozy environment.

Surrogate house is the place where the surrogate mother and the child whom she cares inside her womb can feel safe and cared for.

Our surrogate house is equipped with:

- Attendant cook;

- Caretaker;

- Private transport;

- On-call service personnel;

- 24x7 medical assistance including visits by nurse/midwives

- Dietician to ensure good nutritious food;

- Regular health check-ups including lab investigations, USG as per requirement, and specialists’ consultations;

It will also be ensured that sorrogate mother does not contract any illnesses, especially sexually transmitted diseases.

Even the newborn child will be taken care of until 56 days post-delivery (if needed up to 70 days).