Obstetric care

The pregnancy care will be delivered by a team of experts including the obstetrician, radiologist, medical officers, dieticians, 24/7 coordinators and highly skilled nurses and midwives.

The antenatal care will be coordinated by the 24/7 coordinators to ensure apt and appropriate care of the mothers during the pregnancy.

The care includes

    • Provision of consultation with the specialists as advised

    • Nutritious diet and exercises as per the specialist recommendation designed by the dietician

    • Analysis and ultrasound scans time to time as prescribed

    • Monitoring of vital parameters by caretaker nurse

    • Avoiding the mothers’ contract infectious diseases by thorough check up and required isolations

    • Meeting with intended parents with the specialists

    • 24/7 assistance in case of emergency anytime during the pregnancy period

    • Thorough observation and counselling of the mothers during the pregnancy to ensure fit mental and psychological health with the help of meditation, yoga, and therapy sessions

    • Preparing the mother for labour for smooth maternity period

    All the services are carried out by professionals and all the pregnancy milestones are discussed with the intended parents time to time by the coordinators and the specialists.