24/7 Coordinator


24/7 coordinators will maintain communication between surrogate mother and the intended parents along with the medical and legal team . They will help schedule the program of IVF for intended couple . Schedule laboratory investigations for the couple. They will arrange regular visits of the mothers to clinic , help on having routine antenatal care , analysis and ultrasounds

Mental and Psychological Health

  • While a surrogate mother’s physical health is crucial to support a healthy, growing baby, her mental, psychological, and emotional health is just as important to ensuring she is able to carry the pregnancy to full term.
  • Despite the portrayal of pregnancy as a prosperous time of joy for the pregnant mother, many women go through an emotional journey while their bodies change to accommodate the little lives they are nourishing. These ups and downs can become overwhelming without proper support and guidance, so Legal Surrogacy LLP takes care to always be available to every surrogate mother and meet all of her needs.
  • At each step of the journey, we closely monitor their well-being through:
    • Availability of a pregnancy care coordinator at all times, 24/7
    • Communication with them and their family members to make sure they have the supportive environment they need
    • Encouragement, including support to participate in activities that bring them joy
    • Highlighting their importance to us and the parents-to-be
    • Providing medical checkups and psychological counseling following the birth of the new baby
    • Psychological care for stress or anxiety
    • Respect of their time, following through with appointment times, and limiting any wait times

Every surrogate mother will receive the care she needs before pregnancy, during the program, and following the birth of the baby, so her needs will consistently be met to keep her both comfortable and safe.