Legal services

Our legal team guides you through the entire journey of surrogacy

Legal assistance is given to help intended patients understand the surrogacy contract and help sign the contract with ease. All the documentation is done as per the code of Republic of Kazakhstan.

As soon as your baby is born, our legal team will be there with you to communicate with the Kazakhstan government for getting documents and birth certificate in the name of Intended parents. Surrogate mother isn’t mentioned anywhere in the documents.

Our legal team will help facilitating with respective embassies to obtain the travel documentation of your newborn.

We do are in contact with the 70 + embassies in Kazakhstan to provide you assistance.

  • The surrogacy contract is concluded in writing in compliance with the requirements of the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and shall be notarized. The conclusion of the surrogacy contract implies parental rights and obligations of a couple (clients) for a child born through assisted reproductive procedures and technologies.
  • Along with a surrogacy contract, a couple(clients) conclude the contract with a clinic applying assisted reproductive procedures and technologies providing relevant services.
  • Surrogacy contract shall contain the following:
    • Data of spouses (clients) and surrogate mothers.
    • Procedures and conditions for payment of surrogate mother services.
    • Rights, obligations, and liabilities of parties in case of non-fulfillment of the contract terms and provisions.
    • Fee and procedures for payment provided.
    • Other conditions, including force majeure.